Local Zimdancehall Artist to rope in an East African artiste

Freeman has hinted on an international collaboration.

By Lisa Masuku

Local Zimdancehall artist Energy Sylvester Chizanga, affectionately known as Freeman or the  Dancehall Doctor , has announced plans to rope in an international collaboration.

Speaking to PowerFM, in an interview with Chamvary on Centrestage the Dancehall Doctor said  he will  soon be releasing a single in which he collaborated with one of the biggest artists in Africa.

“I will be dropping a big song with an international artist but i can not reveal who it is at the moment,”said Freeman.

His brand Manager Michelle Mukaro  added that they can only go as far as giving  hints pertaining to who exactly is this international artist.

“I can not give you a name but i can tell you he is one of the biggest artists in Africa and he is from East Africa,” she said.

The dancehall chanter added that he is  also working on his new album which will have ten tracks. The ten track album will be released in August and the hit single which features award-winning hiphop artist, Takura will be released around the month of  June or July.